Child Sponsorship

Impacting our world, one life at a time

We are bringing Impact Groups to Haiti to help in the efforts there..

We have brought clean water, via a purifier system, to Cabois. No more dysentery! Improved health in the community!

Feeding the hungry! Bringing food and clothes to an overlooked, remote mountain village…

Project Nourish in Action

We are in the beginning stages of developing property in a mountain region of Haiti with the intent of creating a self-sufficient community which can be modeled and duplicated in other areas of the country and in other impoverished communities of the world. We have acquired land to facilitate our vision and have an initial team to see our concept to fruition! There are buildings and administration and equipment and so on that remains to be obtained but we know it will happen! The teamwork of caring individuals, like yourself, has incredible potential! We have able teachers working with children to see that they are educated, and other care-takers overseeing their eating and making sure they have the essentials. We are motivated and excited!

Cabois Project

At Project Nourish, we rely on the support of donors like you. With your help, we are able to provide life-changing programs to those who need them most.

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